Cultural activities

Every summer, the Municipal Cultural Center schedules a series of events under the general title of "LATO" These events feature Cretan, Greek and foreign groups, with traditional or contemporary repertoire. Drama performances, art exhibitions, swimming competitions and other events also take place. Every two years, the "Nautical Week"is celebrated with swimming competitions, water sports events and a fire works display. The night of the "Anastassi" (Christ's Resurrection) is the most impressive celebration as thousands of people, holding candlelit with the Holly Light, gather around the lake for the burning of Judas, scores of crackers pierce the night's silence, creating a unique, emotionally charged atmosphere.

Another lively feast-with an open air market and authentic traditional Cretan festivities-takes place at Analipsi of Almyros on the 50th day after Easter. Particularly important is the celebration of the name day of the city's patron, Saint Nikolas,on December 6. The celebration of the New Year's day is another impressive event at Agios Nikolaos. Two "kaikis" (local fishing boats) are in the port, one leaving (standing for the year ending) and the other coming in, (standing for the beginning year). Sanda Claus disembarks triumphantly, welcomed by the city officials, the municipal band and the cheering crowds and then proceeds to the main town square to give out presents to jubilant children.

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