The Place

Agios Nikolaos, with 9.500 inhabitants, is the capital of the Lassithi province of Crete. It is built around a picturesque lake at the north-western side of the Merabello bay, the biggest bay in Crete. The beauty here is endless with the seasons succeeding one another. The climate is unique: Dry, without humidity. The area is inhabited since antiquity.

Agios Nikolaos Today

Major administrative, cultural and communications center, Agios Nikolaos is one of the most developed tourist areas, not only in Crete but in Greece in general.

Having a valuable 30 year experience of organized tourism, its infrastructure matches that of any other European resort, for ideal and interesting vacation together with the traditional Cretan hospitality and the excellent climate.

Thanks to the beautiful coasts, the great sights and the cosmopolitan life, this live city hosts every year thousands of visitors without losing one bit of its tranquillity and traditional hospitality. The modern city of Agios Nikolaos became indernationally well-known during the 60's, "discovered" by famous cinema directors (Jules Dassin, Walt Disney etc.), BBC producers and many others. It was then, that the rapid tourist development of the area started. Today, Agios Nikolaos is an international, cosmopolitan tourist resort, able to accommodate, effectively and efficiently, thousands of visitors each year.

A walk around

The shopping area of Agios Nikolaos is always a pleasure. You can find everything! There are many tourist shops, full of excellent articles of traditional Cretan art, minoan copies and copies from the Popular Art museum, etc. One can also visit fine art galleries and woven handicrafts, jewellery shops, international bookstores, kiosks with greek and foreign press, cafeterias as well as traditional coffee shops, tavernas and restaurants with an inexhaustible assortment of snacks and specialities of greek and Cretan cooking, accompanied with all sorts of wines or the local strong "raki". At night, there are countless chances for fun at the numerous night clubs and discos, or at selected clubs with traditional Cretan dances, songs and mandinades or the latest hits of the greek and international charts.

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