Museums in Agios Nikolaos

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos was founded in 1970 in order to house the numerous new archaeological finds from eastern Crete, which until then, were housed in the Museum of Herakleion.

Its collections include:
  • Finds from the Early Minoan (3000-2000 B.C.) cemetery at Agia Photia of Sitia
  • Finds from the Early Minoan II settlement at Fournou Koryfi of Myrtos
  • Finds from the Early Minoan II-III (2600-2200 B.C.) cemetery on the islet of Mochlos
  • Finds from Middle Minoan (2000-1550 B.C.) peak sanctuaries: Petsophas, Modi, Traostalos, Kalamaki, Prinias, Etiani, Kephala Finds from the Late Minoan III (1400-1200 B.C.) tombs of Milatos and Kritsa
  • Finds from the Geometric deposit at Anavlochos Vrachasiou.
  • Finds from the Daidalic deposit at Sitia (beginning of 7th century B.C.)
  • Finds from the Archaic deposit at Olous (end of 7th-6th centuries B.C.)
  • Finds from Lato pros Kamara (modern Agios Nikoalos) dated to Greek and Roman times
Telephone : ++30-841- 24 943

Folklore Museum

The Folk Art Museum of Agios Nikolaos, in collaboration with the "Cultural Society of Eastern Crete", founded in 1978. All the original and important material was generously offered by the Touring Club of Agios Nikolaos. Since then more objects have been added to the collection.

A visit to the Folk Art Museum will help you to become familiar with the sort of work and activities the people of this area had in the old days. The Museum houses a rich and beautiful collection of hundreds of genuine samples of Cretan popular art and mainly hand woven and embroidered pieces, some of which are unique.

There are some, interesting Byzantine icons to be seen, a complete series of wooden carved small objects, Cretan costumes, household articles, handicrafts and some old manuscripts and books.

The Museum houses also two private collections kindly offered by two well known people of this area (an example for others to follow)

a)General Ioannis Alexakis' Military Arms,
b) Mrs Hrysoula Xanthoudides- Koundourou's special embroidered double faced pieces.

The Museum is open daily except Saturday from 09.30 to 13.30 and 17.00 to 21.00

Location: Oposite the bridge, next to the Tourist Information Office

Tel.: ++30-841-2509 3

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